Friday, September 4, 2009

Week #1

Hey everyone! So this week was full of good and bad moments... I want to start out by saying I LOVE SCHOOL! I am so happy with my school choice and I would never want to leave! I love my friends here and I will love them forever (haha)! My roommate and I are on good terms! We don't talk and we don't interrupt each other's lives haha! I really don't mind it though because at least I know that I can always come home and study at any point! She also came out and told me she hates going out and she hates meeting new people so again I like this because at least we don't have to be fake best friends! I love my room... it needs a few more homey touches but it is getting there! I really am having an amazing time here and I hope it stays like this all year! I do have a few funny stories that come with my first week of college. I actually didn't get lost and I wasn't even late to any of my classes which is a plus! But my feet... hmm lets just say they hate me! I have never walked this much in my life...never mind the fact that I only own high heels and flip flops so my feet hate me even more! I have blisters that are bigger then the size of quarters and I refuse to pop them because I don't want to know what comes out of them! Also my hatred of shorts is going to have to come to an end because this heat wave that San Diego is having is BRUTAL in jeans! I really do love it here though! Sadly my job fell through here and so during my school breaks I am job hunting! I really want to work in a restaurant but we will see what happens! I am really trying though!

For my PRETTY mother... I love you :)
thats also for you too dad and Hines tribe mates :)

Send me letters :o) I love SNAIL MAIL!


  1. Hi Hal!!! :) SO happy you are having fun! Keep it up! :) I need your new address......

    New England misses you!
    Love KK

  2. Oh you can write... Very cute! I love it. I will look for sneakers for you, what size? Miss you!