Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still loving it here!

It has been some of the most amazing weeks of my life here at school! I love every bit of it. I have never had such a great time away from home and I will never forget these monumental moments! My roommate and I still talk about once a week and that is to make sure that I know she is leaving to go home for the weekend! My friends here are FREAKING AMAZING! I couldn't have done this without them. They are all pretty much so.cal natives and yet they still accept me the EAST COASTER! No but really we all walk to class together and eat lunch together basically. I love it here! The other cool thing is that we all live in the same building :) Summer and Michelle are across the hall from me, Sam and Erin are my suite-mates (we share a bathroom), and ERICA sadly lives all the way on floor 8...we live on floor 2 haha! But this will soon change. Erica hates her roommate and I hate mine SO we want to move Kimbo-Slice (my roommate) upstairs and move Erica downstairs! It would be perfect. The only thing keeping us from doing this is the wrath of Kimbo! haha

I love the area the school is in. We live right in the city of San Diego (right of the 8). So when school gets a little claustrophobic we hop on the trolley and go to the beach, the outdoor malls, the gas-lamp district, and even to our favorite place TARGET! I love being here on my own and experiencing college life like I'm supposed to. I love my classes (even the one that starts at 8AM). I worked my schedule so I could be out by 2 everyday and even earlier on Friday. This way (when I get a job POSITIVE THINKING) I can work night shifts.

The school is big but has gotten smaller as I RUN to my classes! I really need to invest in some cute but FUNCTIONAL sneakers because my feet hate me when I wear these sandals all the time. I have also realized that I am dressed a little differently then these California girls! haha! I love their clothes and I think I wear more of their clothes rather then mine! And they all love my clothes cause NO ONE WEARS THEM HERE! I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing haha!

So San Diego State is the #2 school in the nation for offering the most amount of opportunities to go travel with the school to different countries. I was sitting in my Africana Studies class on Wednesday and my teacher who is from Cape Town Africa said that he is taking students over Spring Break to Cape Town and surrounding areas to learn more about the African Culture. Now most of you know I am the girl who sits in front of the TV and gets a little teary eyed when I see the children in Africa dying form things that are not their fault. My heart just breaks when I see that. I was in a class my SR year that was all about teaching us about how we are not the only country here and we are not the only ones in some sort of trouble. And when my teacher had us watch a documentary on Invisible Children I knew I found one of my callings in life. I sat there as the 40 minute documentary broke more and more of my heart. From that day on people knew me as the girl who broke out in hives when I cried. Ha! But since then I really have not lost my love for these children. I see their lives as something just waiting to be changed and helped! I do want to travel there and when my teacher said he works with Invisible Children I knew I was being sent a sign that this was something I needed to do. It was just one of those moments I felt something grab onto my heart and still days later I can feel my heart strings being pulled at.

So because of this I signed up for the emails that would further explain the trip and give the actual dollar amount. I knew it was going to be out of my price range but with my heart strings still being pulled every which way I knew I had to at least see where I could get with this journey. I got the first email last night and cried yet again. Every time I think about this trip I see something wonderful and life altering for me. My this is why I am an undeclared student, because I needed to see Africa close up before I could choose my life's journey. I just can't pass up this opportunity. I am no longer looking for a job to compensate my college spending limits but rather a job for this trip. So PLEASE IF YOU KNOW ANYONE IN THE SAN DIEGO AREA THAT HAS ANY SORT OF JOB! FROM FLIPPING BURGERS TO CLEANING SOMEONE'S HOUSE PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The trip is around $5,000 and I feel so strongly about it I would even consider signing even more of my life away to this school with college loans.

I love school and love the opportunities that it has opened my eyes to... including this.

Here is a link to Invisible Children! Please look at this and see why my heart just breaks for these children!



  1. Can I go to Africa with you so that I can take pictures? How fun would that be.
    Have fun, be safe and make good decision...how was that for acting like your mom? HA.

  2. hahaha! i would love for you to come with me and take pics! but i would also love you coming to SD to take MY pics hahah and yes mommmyyyy Allyyy haha