Saturday, August 29, 2009

FIRST 24 Hours!!!!

SO ive been here for over 24 hours and i am in LOVE! MY "b-room" mates are amazinnggg (erin and sam) they are so fun. My roommate has arrived and we wish maybe that moment didnt happen but w.e :) good things can come from things you dont expect! I am settled in with all my stuff but i def know i need some other stuff.. but i'm putting that off for a little while. Next ourchase is school supplies! wooo! but really i love this place and mom i'm doing great :) no worriesss

Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day Summary!

Hey everyone... i've made it! I have made it to school and I am moved in... but I am also alone as of right now! Haha no roommate. I can take this 2 ways, either a blessing or sad situation. Right now I'm thinking it is pretty sweet. My two "bathroom" roommates are pretty cool. Hmmm lets see. I went out for a little bit to a "get to know you" party. It was funny cause we all thought we were back in the third grade the way they were talking to us. But then again i have to get that SR mind set out... cause here i am a freshhhh! haha. I have my address so send me your love :)

Halee Hines
5505 Montezuma Road
San Diego, CA 92115

It hasnt really hit me yet that this is college and not EFY (haha) I really live here and will be here for a while! haha.

I miss everyone and love you all!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

College eve...

So tomorrow I move into my dorm room :) I'm excited and also extremely scared. I don't know anything about my roommate which isn't really a good sign because she is no where to be found on the web and who is exempt from the world wide web's knowledge? So there is one thing. Another is I bought myself a computer less then a year ago. I loved it but when school came around I convinced myself I needed a newer one. So I sold my beloved laptop to my grandmother (GRRR) because only 9 days after having the new one it desided to die. So here I am without a laptop and patiently waiting for a check to come in the mail to buy me a new one.... OH BUT DON'T WORRY THATS NOT THE LAST OF IT. I also got on my NH bank account and saw that iTunes was charging that account instead of my new one... well with some LOVELY overdraft fees and no way to really contact iTunes, I want to die. I know you are thinking... "what else can go wrong" well don't worry thats it! Some good news is that I start my job on Monday also and I will be working a 30+ hour week to keep ahead of my bills and student loans. I am extremly excited and have a little headache from being so excited but I know it will all work out! I honestly don't miss home...YET but I will i'm sure of it.

I guess this is all a part of growning up :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Allyson Randle Photography!

So my aunt's best friend Ally is an amazing photographer! I want her to follow me all day and find those hidden beautiful photos that no one else can find in my life! haha... So here is her link CHECK IT OUT!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I promise this won't be my only post!

Well the time is here! I am now living in California and getting ready for school. I decided to go to San Diego State University GO AZTECS! My parents love the school because just like Bedford High SDSU's colors are Red, Black, and Silver. HA...small world. The school is about 1,000,000 acers or so it will feel like for me who HATES physical activity and am living in a the dorm furthest from everything (university towers bottom left cornor!) but sports row...ironic i know. I move in on Friday and I still have not had any sort of communication with my this normal? I think NOT! So this isnt really helping my nervs either. I have just about everything else that I can think of... but lets be honest the night i get there i will realize i'm missing something super important. We will deal with that when it comes.
I am super excited for this new time in my life! And i WILL keep you posted as i go through this journey!

PS: I'm not as funny as my mom but i can still be entertaining :)