Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day Summary!

Hey everyone... i've made it! I have made it to school and I am moved in... but I am also alone as of right now! Haha no roommate. I can take this 2 ways, either a blessing or sad situation. Right now I'm thinking it is pretty sweet. My two "bathroom" roommates are pretty cool. Hmmm lets see. I went out for a little bit to a "get to know you" party. It was funny cause we all thought we were back in the third grade the way they were talking to us. But then again i have to get that SR mind set out... cause here i am a freshhhh! haha. I have my address so send me your love :)

Halee Hines
5505 Montezuma Road
San Diego, CA 92115

It hasnt really hit me yet that this is college and not EFY (haha) I really live here and will be here for a while! haha.

I miss everyone and love you all!

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