Thursday, August 27, 2009

College eve...

So tomorrow I move into my dorm room :) I'm excited and also extremely scared. I don't know anything about my roommate which isn't really a good sign because she is no where to be found on the web and who is exempt from the world wide web's knowledge? So there is one thing. Another is I bought myself a computer less then a year ago. I loved it but when school came around I convinced myself I needed a newer one. So I sold my beloved laptop to my grandmother (GRRR) because only 9 days after having the new one it desided to die. So here I am without a laptop and patiently waiting for a check to come in the mail to buy me a new one.... OH BUT DON'T WORRY THATS NOT THE LAST OF IT. I also got on my NH bank account and saw that iTunes was charging that account instead of my new one... well with some LOVELY overdraft fees and no way to really contact iTunes, I want to die. I know you are thinking... "what else can go wrong" well don't worry thats it! Some good news is that I start my job on Monday also and I will be working a 30+ hour week to keep ahead of my bills and student loans. I am extremly excited and have a little headache from being so excited but I know it will all work out! I honestly don't miss home...YET but I will i'm sure of it.

I guess this is all a part of growning up :)

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